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Dear friend,

In 508 BC, Pythagoras developed a system of understanding the Kosmos that was so powerful as to cause the rulers of that day to consult with him on major decisions. He accompanied them on diplomatic missions throughout the world.

This system has been refined and preserved to this day. Now you can take advantage of this universal knowledge in creating for yourself the life that you desire. Pythagoras believed that discipline and attention to knowledge were key to successful living.

He established a system of numerology that is the basis for our own practice of this ancient discipline. Many of the teachings of Pythagoras were kept secret, based upon his belief that such knowledge in the wrong hands would be subject to misinterpretation and misuse.

However, because we believe that you are one of those persons who wants to be in control of his or her own life, we offer this special invitation for you to subscribe to the most accurate and detailed preview of your day available through the internet.

And now you can get them Free

You get a truly impressive array of benefits, all designed for you to take charge of your life, set out in 3 separate daily sections:

bulletGeneral Daily Trends - You will be shown the general trend of your day. Should you work from your emotions or from your logic? Will you function best with your left brain practicality or will you find success from your right brain creativity?
bulletBusiness and Finances - You will find out what business approach will help you to reach your goals. Is this the day to ask for that well-deserved raise? Should you work diligently on the drudge work, or would social contacts further your cause?
bulletRelationships and Social - You will know how best to connect with the people in your life. Is this a day to display your sparkling wit, or would your attempts at humor backfire? How should you approach your intimate partner?


These entries only begin to tell the story of how Daily Numeroscopes can help you to plan your day:

bulletYearly Entries - At the start of each new year, you get a preview of the nature of the year. Is this a year of financial gain, of hard work, or of parties?
bulletMonthly Entries - At the start of each month you get an overview of what to expect for that month. When you plan your activities according to the natural flow of your personal energies, you can accomplish more with less effort. You struggle when you paddle upstream.
bulletHabit - When you get into the habit of following your Daily Numeroscopes, you begin to see the pattern upon which your life is based. You will begin to find yourself at the right place at the right time more often.
bulletSelf-confidence - When you know that you are acting in the most effective manner for that day, your self-confidence will soar. People will respond to this confidence with renewed respect.

What others have to say about Daily Numeroscopes

"I had planned an active day, but instead stayed home to read. On later checking the daily entry I discovered that I was in a mental, introspective day." Cindy Coplen, Teacher
"I hesitated to accept a gift of two goats because of the responsibility. My daily entry said not to be shy about receiving benefits today, so I have them. They are a joy to me." Bonnie Carroll, Business owner
"I was skeptical of the benefits. I thought that reading the entries first would shape my day. I found reading them after the fact, that they were on target. Now I want to know in advance."
Donna Winsted,
Owner, Donna's Business Service


In a few words, the benefits of Daily Numeroscopes goes beyond the daily entries. You will be getting in touch with the true cycles of your life.

Subscribe today  you can't go wrong. Are you ready to take charge of your life. See for yourself why most subscribers continue to receive the Daily Numeroscopes month after month and end up subscribing their whole families. Once you try them, you will not want to be without them, not only to gain the benefits, but to satisfy your curiosity. I love skeptics.

Should you ever decide that your are not benefiting far more than the few minutes each day that it takes to read them,  cancellation is easy. Our automated subscription service removes you immediately from the database with no hassle.

Your information is safe with us. You are protected by the most secure servers that we can provide. And, of course, we will never rent or sell your data to anyone else (See the Privacy Statement.)


"Anyways, just to let you know that I really do enjoy receiving these daily numeroscopes, and I've kinda come to depend on them to keep me flying straight - days I don't pay any attention usually end up being less than lovely, whereas days I do pay attention are pretty bang on to what's been given."

Sheila M. Street, North York (Toronto), Ontario, Canada.
I don't know how I'd get through the day without the Daily Numeroscopes. I always look forward to them everyday.  I really love that it gives me a general idea of what to expect and be more prepared to go about my day.  Also, so far everything has been right on the dot. I appreciate your service!  :)

Lorett  M. Angue
Corporate & Investment Banking - Technology  California

So what are you waiting for? Get started with Daily Numeroscopes right away. You will receive your first entry within 24 hours.

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