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"Available at Last -- Certification Training in Numerology"

A  viable program grows through experience. The Professional Training Program has been modified to better accommodate those who wish to become certified numerologists, but find it difficult to take a full week out of their schedules with the attending costs.

The purpose of the revisions is to increase the number of certified numerologists to fill the growing demand.

The time is right to consider becoming a professional numerologist

Although the science of numerology is as old as written history, the "modern" version was developed by Pythagoras, a Greek mathematician and metaphysician (c600BCE.) Modern pioneers include Julia Seton and her daughter, Juno Jordan, Carl Jung and his proteg, Marie-Louise von Franz and Florence Campbell. Present day luminaries include Faith Javane, Dusty Bunker, Hans DeCoz, Matthew Goodwin (now deceased)  and Lynn Buess. Each of these numerologists has made a significant contribution to the field. They have prepared the way for a general acceptance of numerology. Because of their work your opportunity is assured.

At Life Path Numerology Center we emphasize the use of numerology as a business tool. Although businesses from the smallest to Fortune 500 corporations have benefited from numerology, until recently there has been a cloak of secrecy around its use. Through the efforts of many pioneers,  the field is now ready to break wide open. And you can be a part of this explosion.

The need for properly trained numerologists has never been greater. The growing popularity of numerology is evidenced by about 3,580,000 Google listings. This is a ten fold increase in just the past few years. Although it may appear that the market is well-covered, as you explore these sites you will discover that a large percentage of them offer nothing more than a computerized chart and/or reading. Many of them do not even purport to provide expertise beyond a purchased program. Their primary skills are computer technology and marketing, not numerology. We appreciate these sites because they increase the general.  awareness of numerology, but when an individual has specific challenges or questions, or wants guidance in life planning, a more detailed consultation from a qualified numerologist is required. That is where you come in. They are creating the market. You add the expertise.

Numerology offers financial rewards and personal satisfaction

As a certified numerologist you provide a needed service to both individuals and businesses. Actors and actresses often require the services of a numerologist in making a name change. You could even influence political campaigns. Pythagoras was much in demand to consult on affairs of state. Because the demand exceeds the supply you can expect to be paid well for your expertise.

You gain personal satisfaction when you help a client through difficult challenges or enlighten someone to his or her true life purpose. Your knowledge of numerology will enhance your own life as well.

Cut up to 5 years of frustrating trial and error from your professional development

This professional training course is much more than a class. It is professional level training to qualify you for the profession.  Support is available at each step as you practice your skills.

What is included in the Professional Training

The 2 day class is a prerequisite. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned numerology professional, the class makes sure that we are on the same page. The class includes important concepts that are not in the books. This training uses the Pythagorean system

Elements of the training

The course consists of 12 monthly in-depth modules. Each includes:


Each month you receive a major lesson in numerology. To accommodate different learning styles, the lesson is in print form that is mailed each month supplemented by an MP3 audio recording of the lesson.


You get a monthly lesson in building your practice. These lessons include tips and procedures to quickly get you into an earning position.


There is a monthly teleconference on the lesson to discuss the fine points and to connect with other students.


You receive a scheduled direct call each month to discuss your personal progress and any questions that you have in moving forward. This call is personalized instruction that you don't often get in a distance learning course.


Access to a restricted blog where you can interact with others taking the course.


You have unlimited access by telephone for any questions that arise in working with your clients.

Additional Projects in development


Numerology Calculator


Audio CD of the basic class


How the program works


Before, after or within three months of the class, commit to the Professional Training. You may start on the first of any month.


We anticipate that, if you are following the program, you will be ready for Level I Certification after the second lesson. By month five, you should reach Level II. From five to ten you will be building a practice to reach level III. Lessons 11 and 12 will prepare you for Level IV.


Certification must be renewed every two years. If you leave the program, you can come back to it from where you left off, provided you resume before the 2 year period has expired.


The first 2 months are free to get you going. By the time the first payment is due (month 3,) your earnings from numerology should cover the expense.


Each month has an assignment to move you forward.


Schedule a personal telephone contact.


You will be advised of the teleconference time covering your lesson (usually after the second week of the month.) This conference will also be recorded for download in MP3 format.


When you reach a certification level, you are encouraged to add your picture and contact information to the website.


The Certification Levels

There are 4 levels of certification. The higher levels are experience based.

bulletLevel 1 requires proven competence in doing the calculations, understanding the numbers and discussing your findings.
bulletLevel 2 in addition requires competence in the nuances of a reading and a more thorough grounding in the concepts. This level requires competence in coordinating the numbers of a chart.
bulletLevel 3 in addition requires an active clientele and proven experience in numerological consultation.
bulletLevel 4 in addition requires teaching experience, writing, and/or other evidence of mastery.

By this point you are on your way, but as with any professional practice, you become proficient only in the doing. Welcome to the exciting and challenging field of numerology. Your success is our success. We will not leave you dangling.


This program requires a major commitment of time and effort from both you and me. Don't take the course if you are not serious about becoming a professional numerologist, either full time, part time or in conjunction with another professional practice. 

Your Instructors

Daniel R, Hardt, J.D. known throughout the internet as Doctor Dan, the Numbers Man. For more than a decade Dr. Dan has been teaching numerology, developing business systems for the practice, writing Daily Numeroscopes and a bi-weekly business newsletter. He brings to the class over 20 years of helping clients from throughout the world to achieve a fuller life and greater business success through numerology.

Cynthia A. Coplen is a Board Member of Life Path Numerology Center and a certified teacher. She has been a practicing numerologist for more than a decade and has been a mainstay of wisdom and guidance to the center. She will give you insights from her 33/6 Integrative Vision Number, which is the master teacher energy.


You will get a quality education
for a fast start

This training is not cheap. It is professional level education.  We could have cut corners, but you would be the one cheated. You will be immersed in a higher level of consciousness that will get your career off to a fast start.

Call today to be considered for this
professional training
800.442.2589 (USA and Canada)
317.638.9752 (All others)

How you benefit from
Life Path certification

As of now there is no state certification required nor available in the field of numerology. The Life Path Certification holds value as it becomes the recognized standard for practicing numerologists. It is granted only upon proven competence. The value arises from the trust that our clients have in the certification process and the skill of the certified practitioners. It is in our best interest to be sure that you rise to an acceptable level of competence. You have our full support all the way.

You will not find this degree of training and support anywhere else. The closest program we have found is a course offered by a Canadian school in Yogic numerology, with the emphasis on Yoga. 


Receive current information on planning and changes for the upcoming Professional Training course and on future courses

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How to Enroll in the
Professional Training

  1. Call me at 800-442-2589 or 317-638-9752 to discuss your interest
  2. Take the 2 day class
  3. Register at the class or within three months after completion for the Professional Training. Registration includes signing a commitment to the Training.

How Payment is Made

The Full Training is a 12 month program. The tuition is $250.00 per month on a recurring credit card payment (Visa or Master Card) or other approved method of payment. There is no up-front lump sum requirement. The first 2 months are covered to get you started. Your first payment is due with the 3rd month (a $500.00 Savings.)

Level I Certification is only available if you continue into month 3.


PS: Prepare for a professional career in numerology and earn as you are learning.















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